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16 Steps to Compelling Content Creation

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16 Steps to Compelling Content Creation by Douglas Karr on Marketing Technology Blog

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Infographic: Brands on social media are 57 percent more likely to increase sales leads
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Would you like your organization to attract the best employees in your industry?

Would you like to increase sales leads?

Do you want your organization to be seen as a fierce competitor?

Then become more active on social media,an infographic from LinkedIn and Altimeter Group advises.

The more engaged organizations are on social media (specifically LinkedIn), the more engaged, optimistic and inspired their employees are. And the happier your employees are, the better your organization performs.

According to the graphic, employees at socially engaged companiesare:

Twenty-seven percent more likely to feel optimistic about their organizations’ futures.Twenty percent more likely to stay at their organizations.Fifteen percent more likely to feel connected to co-workers outside of their immediate teams.

The infographic also explains that socially engaged companies are:

Forty percent more likely to be seen as competitive.Fifty-seven percent more likely to see an increase in sales leads.Fifty-eight percent more likely to attract top talent.

You shouldn’t need any more reasons to up your organization’s social media use, but in case you do, take a look at the infographic:

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est practices to help Google find, crawl, and index your site.

What Do Google’s Formula Changes Mean To You?

Google’s “Hummingbird” Update Impacts 90% of All Searches. How Does Your Website Rank?

Four Things You Need To Know About Hummingbird:
  1. Keyword data is no longer available in Google Analytics.
  2. Website queries now rely less on keywords because Hummingbird can interpret the relevance of phrases. 
  3. This direction is more prevalent for “voiced” inquiries, as seen in mobile search.
  4. The initiative for sustainable and ethical content will be key to successful search engine results pages (SERPs) ranking.

What You Can And Should Do:
  1. Monitor your website for SERPs. Note any changes from previous results.
  2. If no changes are noted (or if positive changes are observed), your website likely pleases the Google gods.
  3. Stay true to the course that provides meaningful content to your audience, and your efforts will be rewarded.  In short, be more “PBS” and less “QVC”.
  4. If you discern a notable downturn in SERP ranking or in visitor traffic, talk with us about remedies to address your concerns. 
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View Visionary’s Infographic on Google’s Hummingbird Update
2013: The Year of Social Media

2013 was “The Year of Social Media”, according to many media watchers.

The Huffington Post featured a recent article that shared a look back at 2013’s social media influence. Here are some of the key take-aways:

2013 Trends:

1. Social media continued to grow:
There were times when social media’s impact and reporting surpassed traditional media. Social media trumped traditional media most often in reporting and capturing audience on cultural topics, and more advertisers got on board as well.

2. Social media jumped in mobile:
More mobile users accessed social media than ever. “About half of the global web users use a mobile device as a primary or singular method to go online,” said Henry Bramwell, President of Visionary Graphics + Marketing.

3. Young people left Facebook in favor of Instagram, SnapChat, and Tumblr:
No surprise there, but the article also predicts that the exodus will turn in favor of Facebook in 2014.

4. Ads took on a more prominent profile in social networking feeds:
Facebook and Instagram were among these – and advertising was reported to have been very effective. “Our clients are increasingly reporting interest and results from advertising on social networks,” stated Bramwell.

5. Photos were the predominant social share:
Instagram and Pinterest became increasingly important as engagement vehicles. “Pinterest is really exploding for some of our clients,” Bramwell agreed. “We are seeing more clients finding ways to engage clients with visually compelling images.”

6. Google+ expanded and added some cool features drawing some more brands to experiment with the platform:
“Google Plus hasn’t hit its stride yet, but it’s getting there,” declared Bramwell. “Google’s influence is huge, and Google Plus is a big part of that equation.”

For the complete article and for predictions for 2014, click here

Landing Pages: Optimizing your Landing Page for Lead Generation



Do you have an awesome landing page? Is it optimized for your lead generation objectives?  Are you looking for leads, but think your page’s bounce rate is higher than it should be?

In this article, I’ll show you how to optimize your landing page for lead generation by:

  • Optimizing your SEO

  • Focusing on value

  • Optimizing your entry form for engagement

  • Implementing a customer testimonial campaign

Let’s check it out.

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To get the most from Google+ consistency is the name of the game.

Social media is critical to your online presence (and your search engine rankings), but it can be a difficult marketing strategy to measure, and it can seem like a strange way to grow your business.

12 Insights for Visual Content Success with Infographics
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Some marketing skeptics claim that infographics are dead. I disagree. I think bad infographics are dead, and always have been. Well-designed and executed infographics, on the other hand, are not just alive — they are a thriving and essential part of any integrated content marketing strategy.

With all the competition for consumer attention on the web, it takes more than just creative wording to rivet eyeballs. An infographic is a compelling way to use visual content to tell a rich story at a glance.

Here are some of the reasons why infographics are the perfect way to capture consumer attention:

Visionary's insight:

Most people scan passages of text in a website. Data visualation responds to this by offering information in a visual format.

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Smartphone Use By College Students (Infographic)
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It’s no secret smartphone use has skyrocketed across the board the past few years, especially in many less developed countries where “Internet” and “phone” are arguably synonymous.
What’s the importance of understanding mobile usage?

Visionary's insight:

College students are getting their news on their phones. hen planning your website, plan for mobile first, then PCs.

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